Father Chang

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Father Chang Chi Mau's clinic

bulletDoctor degree of traditional medicine
bulletUsing Point-Channel Reflex Therapy
bulletNo medicine used
bulletCan cure and prevent cancer and many deadly diseases
bulletVery painful during treatment
bulletAccommodation available.
bulletProfessional training classes
bulletVery low cost
bulletHis theory

Thank God giving us pain as an early alert. Human body is sophisticated for self-healing. The signal of pain should be utilized, rather than being suppressed. Science is progressing blindly. We have forgotten the built in features of our own body, created by God. Father Chang is re-investigating the secret of our nervous system. He is willing to share it with us. Unfortunately, Father Chang is no longer with us. If you need his help, you can still try to contact his students on following addresses.

Catholic Church
233 Wulai,
Taipei-Hsien, Taiwan,
Republic of China.

More will be released later.


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5143 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 1P1, Canada
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